Oakwood Ave – Venice, CA

For this ground up home our client came to us with a pre-existing art collection which ranged from more traditional art works of paintings and sculptures to works that demand thoughtful engagement with the architecture.  These pieces included handcrafted mosaics from local craftsman, a 25′ tall mural, and ‘tags’ like Invader’s tile works, pieces normally found on the ‘street’, were specially commissioned for the house. So as the design emerged early on through a back and forth dialogue about how the art collection should be framed, the idea that the architecture would have a more direct conversation with the art works solidified. The placement of the artwork, particularly the permanently installed works, and how they are viewed and engaged with became important drivers in the overall building massing and how the living spaces interrelate, overlap, share, and frame views of the art works and the surrounding Venice landscape.

Featured as part of Dwell on Design Los Angeles Home Tours:  Sunday, June 26th, 2016




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